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Advantages of technology applied to freight transport


Currently the haulage, bring new challenges as well as large-scale inventories and data analysis models. Logistics companies, in order to provide the best possible service, are constantly on the lookout for applied technology to get. Therefore, in this note, we will tell you how we can establish optimization strategies and what their benefits are. Let’s go!

Everything in the world tends to be interconnected. Today even the washing machines have Wi-Fi and they notify us on the smartphone when it’s time to take out the clothes. Technologies applied to the logistics sector are becoming increasingly important. Since a long time keeping up with technological progress is a requirement to remain competitive. Not only because they give us higher levels of security and fleet oversight, but also because it also gives us a more efficient process.

Simplifying and optimizing operations requires us to address issues that may arise when tracking shipments in real time in an agile and accurate manner. Therefore, the first thing is to have a fleet management service first level. This is the key to staying competitive in this market. So yes, technology is a big part. Corn if we don’t have trained experts in it we will not be able to get all the benefits it has to offer.

applied technology

The most exciting developments and their advantages

Current advances in Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, impose an agenda on large companies. We must be on the agenda for its implementation, because its advantages are undeniable.

  • Strategies based on real data to increase productivity.
  • Customer service improvements, in real time and at every instance of the process.
  • Optimization of delivery times.
  • More safety, because accidents are avoided both on the way and in the warehouse. This has an immediate impact on the amount of damaged stock (decrease).
  • Reduction of packages lost or delivered to the wrong people.

Basically, it was already a revolution for the control tower to know the location of the vehicle in real time. A future is looming in which this surveillance will be total: knowing all the vehicle data in real time. In this way, breakdowns and thefts will be avoided and more efficient routes can be traced. All of this, as you will deduce, is the key to a drastic cost reduction.

applied technology

In concrete data

According to a report produced by the Logistics Forum:

  1. 66% of companies in the logistics sector have the digital transformation process.
  2. 27% have not yet started this transformation.
  3. A final 11% do not even plan to do so.

As we can see, today, the vast majority invest in applied technologies: for large companies, this is already a requirement to remain competitive. On the other hand, a large number of SMEs still do not realize how far they will be able to grow with these new communication networks and supply channels.

The applied technology guarantees the visibility and the traceability of the goods throughout the supply chain.. From the factory exit to the distribution center. From the moment the order is placed, until the loading is carried out, it is sent to its destination and reaches the end consumer.

Modern solutions for a modern world

If you have arrived here, it is because you are interested in a dynamic, always hectic logistics company. Because you want your business logistics to be faster, more efficient, more secure and to generate higher dividends. Since Trade Journal we have a central commitment: provide the best logistics service in the country.

Managing one of the largest distribution networks in the country and in Latin America is not easy. Have a digital logistics system it is a central key in our process. In this way, we can assure our customers the best time and the best care.

Therefore, our attention to applied technology is central. Since the mid-90s, when we established ourselves as a leading company in the sector, we understood that the technology was going to continue to grow. We know its advantages and we know how to take advantage of them. If this topic interests you, we also recommend the Notes on New Technologies, including Big Data. Are you looking for a logistics company that meets all the requirements? Leave us a message and let’s go to success together!


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