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AMERICA LOGISTICA: Support for the food and pharmaceutical cold chain in transport


By: Jorge Choque

Jul 20, 2021

The local and international trade in cold chain products is one of the activities that keeps moving the economy of Peru and in general in the world markets. Perishable food items, as they are essential for human consumption, as well as pharmaceuticals, which are in high demand at this stage, have continued to move between sellers and consumers, and continue to push companies to strengthen and to improve the logistics processes of the entire supply chain to ensure the quality of these and their delivery to the final destination.

Perishable products are those that must be kept cold, in order to delay microbial activity, which deteriorates them in a very short time. Examples of these products are meats, fish products, dairy products, fruits and vegetables.

Agro-exports, for example, of products like blueberries, Hass avocados, lucuma, fresh grapes, asparagus, citrus, etc. continue to give good news after they grow in their offices or open. to new destinations. With this, logistics solutions are undoubtedly needed to support this demand both in transport and in other chain processes. The same is true in local commercial circuits such as fast food restaurants, hotels and restaurants, supermarkets, chain stores and distributors, whose sales of products requiring a cold chain also require optimal transport logistics solutions.

Pharmaceuticals range from drugs and all their types, from health products and medical and surgical instruments, to cosmetics and perfumes, raw materials, biotechnology or biopharmaceutical materials. Many of these products must be stored and transported at appropriate temperatures to meet high quality standards in order to maintain their properties and benefits.

Transport under BPDT regulations

In cold chain transport in the pharmaceutical sector, an important aspect for a logistics operator providing this service is that it is aligned with BPDT (Good Distribution and Transport Practices) standards. These BPDTs are part of a system of quality assurance and good practices and focus on the distribution and transport of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and health products meeting a set of mandatory minimum standards.

The company América Logística, for example, provides logistics operations to BPDT standards and has established itself as one of the main logistics operators of transport and distribution under the cold chain. And it is because the Peruvian company has succeeded in qualifying the refrigerated units to BPDT standards (Good Distribution and Transport Practices) for the Pharma sector.

In addition, América Logística provides transport and distribution services for preserved, refrigerated and frozen products in agro-export and countryside, fast food, catering, supermarkets, chain stores, distributors, etc.

Traceability and follow-up

One of the main trends in freight transport today is traceability and surveillance. If for normal goods this system is already extremely essential, for products which require a cold chain the need becomes even more important. And it is that products with a cold chain run the risk of perishing and losing their qualities, of becoming unusable, so they need certain temperatures and care to be preserved during their supply chain.

It is for this reason that in transport it is necessary to track and monitor the cargo, transport units and the order itself, to check that there is no type of anomaly that puts it in danger and, if there is one, to have real-time information on the state of the load and the transport unit to react or provide an immediate solution.

This is why América Logística is developing comprehensive cold chain monitoring and control services using GSM / GPRS technology in real time. Their vehicles are equipped with GPS for dry goods and temperature sensors for refrigerated / temperate goods.

In addition, it has an online traceability platform which details the cold chain processes (pre-cooling – loading process – transit – final destination). This system allows the company to track orders of perishable products online from shipment to final delivery, providing various reports that ensure that the cold chain of the order is not broken and guarantees the quality of the products. .

América Logística had previously implemented the GPS and the fixed temperature sensor which work simultaneously and report in real time information on the location and temperature of the trucks, generating traceability and reports that show the behavior of the cold chain throughout. along the process.

Today, with the order tracking system with cold chain, it allows for the first time on the Peruvian market to carry out the traceability of the transport unit (location and temperature), as well as the traceability of the
cold chain control.

All this allows the company to operate products in the Pharma sector under BPDT standards; handling of preserved, refrigerated and frozen products; products for agro-food export and the countryside; management of distribution channels for fast food restaurants, horeca, supermarkets, chain stores, distributors; online channel; home delivery; delivery, end consumer, etc.


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