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Automatic storage system: types and characteristics


the automatic storage system facilitates businesses differentiation its offer and the organization of its products and services. Experience shows us a significant reduction in costs and an increase in the productivity of the supply chain. These systems are designed to be operated by pallet stacker cranes automatically. To do this, you use robotic equipment cargo handling. Thus, pallets and crates can be stored (Mini-load type). Let’s learn more about this upcoming technology!

What is the automatic storage system used for?

We are talking about a storage solution very reliable. Its great advantage is that minimize errors in the handling of freight units. It also makes it possible to immediately obtain an inventory of stored products. This way we reduce response times. Finally, thanks to its precision, we can store the products exactly. Thus, we arrive at “high density” shelving, which allows better use of space.

automatic storage system

The warehouses What they use robotic equipment for the handling of goods, they offer us better height, speed and safety. Because? Because the operators do not work inside the aisles and thus possible accidents are minimized.

Today the automatic storage system She is in her best moment. It has high performance, easy maintenance and long hours. It is presented as an excellent option, with continuous flows and high productivity in the process of entering and shipping goods.

The savings that it provides come for different reasons. First, There is the reduction in maintenance cost due to the decrease in shock caused by improper use. The structures have fewer technical requirements for this. Second, labor costs are reduced since distribution, administration and cart personnel are not required.

These systems allow us to make the most of the available space thanks to the compaction of the goods, the use of height, the flexibility of the solutions and the reduction of the built surface. In addition, they are equipped with management software that allows the identification and control of all goods.

Advantages of the automatic storage system

  • Maximum exploitation space in height.
  • High productivity and availability.
  • High security systems for personnel and for freight.
  • Cost reduction maintenance.
  • Precise handling of the load.
  • Increased unit density load per area.
  • Adaptable to spaces, loads and weights.
  • Possibility of different levels of automation.

Types of automatic storage systems

There are several automatic storage systems. Among them are the following:

  • Uniload shelving for unit loads. Designed for individual storage of load units automatically.
  • Miniload shelving for unit loads. It is used to automatically store small and light loads with a lot of height rotation. It is fast and increases productivity through automation, characterized by its high density and is very reliable, as it minimizes handling errors of load units.
  • Conventional shelving with stacker crane. They solve storage problems at high altitude and with reduced working aisles, optimizing spaces, volumes and times. It is equipped to automatically handle load units of different weights by means of stacker cranes.

Thanks to these automatic storage systems we get an increase in productivity and we manage to eliminate errors in the process. Automation will also provide us with high bay storage solutions with narrow aisles, which optimizes storage capacity.

automatic storage system

Automatic storage to be competitive

Automation is essential for a competitive supply chain. How do I choose the automatic storage system that best suits my logistics? Each offers a series of features and functions depending on the load unit, the number of references, the volume of inputs and outputs, etc. Faced with so many variables, it is better to contact a specialist looking for advice. These experts carefully analyze the characteristics of your business in order to find the best automation solution.

A window to the future

Since Trade Journal we are always attentive to innovations that emerge in the sector around the world, such as the Automatic storage system. These technologies, which global giants like Amazon already have in place, are the future of the industry in terms of storage. If you need to work with a company, make sure they are always at the forefront. Contact us for more information!


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