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BSF Almacenes del Peru launches app that improves customer experience


By: Diego Padilla

06 Oct 2021

Customers have real-time access to relevant information, such as billing issues, contracts, energy and water consumption reports, additional services, promotions, and more. The launch of the app took place on September 1 of this year.

BSF Peru warehouses, a pioneer and leader in the real estate market for the rental of logistics condominiums, seeks to increase customer satisfaction by offering greater speed and response capacity, thus offering a better experience. For this, he designed an innovative application which is characterized by being user-friendly, intuitive and complete.

BSF focuses its activity on providing a wide range of services aimed at satisfying customers, improving their daily experience in each logistics center. As part of this concept, with this application, BSF Almacenes del Peru customers now have direct and real-time access to the most important information that they normally request through other means such as WhatsApp, email or telephone calls and which, in some cases, require interaction with different contacts and / or different areas within BSF, indicates Susana Arellano, IT manager at BSF Almacenes del Perú.

Thus, 100% of its customers, from those with 25 m2 mini-warehouses to those who manage 50,000 m2 distribution centers, will be able to manage their information themselves and not waste time establishing communications, since they will all have it is available in the Application.

“In the app, I can see everything. For what I used to do, I will no longer communicate with the invoicing area, for example, nor follow up on my payment receipts and account statements, since I have everything in the application “Comments Arellano.

Susana Arellano, IT manager at BSF Almacenes del Peru

The “BSF Clientes” application has different information modules for each specific operation or service provided by the company. These modules were planned and designed on the basis of the applied methodology, DesignThinking, “Where we were able to understand and solve the needs of our customers”, he comments.

Among the most important, users of BSF Almacenes del Perú can consult and manage information in the part of payment vouchers (they can consult information on the 5 types of invoicing issued by BSF, for example), account statements, contracts, among others. .

Likewise, the application allows direct communication with customers via a notifications module. If the payment receipt expires, this module can be used, among other cases, explains Susana Arellano.

Customers will also be able to access online warehouse energy and water consumption reports, see consumption and cost statistics; In addition, they will be able to book additional BSF services from the app: night area, football fields, forklift service, etc.

The “BSF Clientes” application also has an alarm module. In BSF, each warehouse has an intrusion alarm, so users can enter the aforementioned module and download all reports on when they activated and / or deactivated the alarm for the rented warehouse.

Susana Arellano maintains that they also have a customer service module that can be tracked from generation to close; In it, a person is responsible for reviewing all customer service tickets that arrive on the App to refer them to the correct one, they are resolved within the appropriate time frame and with the help of metrics. This, he adds, will also be important as feedback for future improvements to the app.

Susana Arellano notices that all the services that are normally delivered by courier or other traditional means, which have a high demand from customers, have decided to integrate them into the APP. He ensures that this first version is very complete because it included the greatest number of functionalities; but they will certainly continue to improve this first version.

“Absolutely any process, service or product has the potential to be part of continuous improvement, and that is also part of our strategy, of our chip as a business.”, indicates.

Even, comments Arellano, thanks to the feedback received during a pilot carried out with 15 customers, the company has integrated a tool for managing and administering profiles. Thanks to it, the customer has the possibility to limit the access permissions within his organization, because in a company and depending on its size, there are different roles and users, thus establishing different levels of access, all of this. under the control of the customer himself.

Digitization offers enormous potential to gain competitiveness in an increasingly technological world, which is why BSF is joining this digital transformation process with the aim of optimizing processes, improving its competitiveness and offering a new added value to its customers.

User-friendly and intuitive

The application designed by BSF Almacenes de Peru also stands out for its very user-friendly and intuitive character. According to Susana Arellano, all application modules have the same way of generating and searching for information, generating good interaction when browsing.

“At the top, I’ll always have filters that I can use, or just a field where I can save my search. I have a super simple search button that returns an array with the results we want. And everything is exportable to xls or Excel files, with which, if I want to do an analysis for my company, I can download it without any problem.“, To explain.

Likewise, in addition to having launched the application, it is possible to access it via the web via The technological application is compatible with basic and high-end equipment.

And in the same way that we have the web part which is responsive, it adapts to any mobile phone, any tablet, any computer that I access», He explains.

Digital avant-garde

Thanks to the technological investment made over the last three years, BSF Almacenes del Peru has integrated the SAP ERP in all its information, which allows it to interconnect all areas and information of the company and to have updated, secure and consolidated information in a single data repository.

“This allows us to consult and use the information very easily,” explains Susana Arellano.

It is precisely the fact of having a powerful ERP that has enabled the company to take a new step, which was to be able to offer its customers a tool allowing them to self-manage.

“Having this SAP infrastructure as a basis has made it possible to streamline processes and information and facilitate the exploitation of this data thanks to a 100% cloud architecture, maintaining the security standards and the large-scale applications with which we also work. in our new app. “, strong points.

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