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Female talent: a key element for the growth of the logistics sector

By: Diego Padilla 01 Oct 2021 In order to change the vision of this field and move towards equality, it is important to inform about its role in any supply chain. Women have long faced various barriers that prevent them from entering, staying and growing in companies. All over the world, and despite progress; They … Read more

Technological innovation in logistics for the customer experience

The client experience it is at the center of any strategy in the broad spectrum that is the world of services. Today, their challenges have been intensified by the Covid-19 pandemic. At the same time, its importance has further increased due to the growth in demand in some sectors since March 2020. Therefore, in this … Read more

Freight transport: 5 technological and logistics trends

Be aware of the world of freight It ends up being a central axis in our daily activities. As a leading company in the logistics world, we always want to stay at the forefront. Therefore, we are always on the lookout, investigating all trends. Today we are going to tell you the five that we … Read more

The Internet of Things IoT applied to logistics 4.0

Today the Internet of things (IoT) is one of the more attractive technological solutions for those of us who are dedicated to logistics. The ignorance around this technology is still very wide. Therefore, in this note we want to tell you about a new active that reaches our sector. Its advantages translate into a significant … Read more

Advantages of technology applied to freight transport

Currently the haulage, bring new challenges as well as large-scale inventories and data analysis models. Logistics companies, in order to provide the best possible service, are constantly on the lookout for applied technology to get. Therefore, in this note, we will tell you how we can establish optimization strategies and what their benefits are. Let’s … Read more

The key to e-commerce: last mile logistics

By: Logistics 360 Copywriting 03 Sep 2021 By: Alfredo Salgado, Managing Director of Grupo EULEN Peru. The boom in e-commerce has made last mile logistics a key industry, as its best or poor management will influence customer reviews of the business. This is why one of the challenges of the logistics industry is to achieve … Read more

Discover the advantages of using a full logistics company

A complete logistics company has macro strategies to control an entire supply chain. Integrates all processes, resources, goods, information, operators and departments. Thus, a very clear objective can be achieved in the shortest possible time: to deliver orders to customers. In this note we will see the objectives of this logistics, its benefits for all … Read more

key point for customer service

With him stock and inventory control We seek to quantify the number of units of a commodity. This can be stored in warehouses of the same manufacturer or in a warehouse of a logistics server. You can find finished products, other semi-finished products, or even just raw materials. Knowing the amounts can help us in … Read more

How do freezer rooms work and what are they used for?

the freezing rooms are intended for goods requiring temperature below 0 ºC. Whether it is food that must maintain its quality, whether it is medical or pharmaceutical products, these speakers will meet your needs. In this note we will know in detail how they work and when they are used. Read on and find out! … Read more