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Dark shopping centers “dark mall”


By: Jorge Choque

Jul 20, 2021

A dark mall is like a shopping center, but this “shopping center” will only be used for delivery by delivery and e-commerce. This dark shopping center must be located in a strategic area which has a high population density and high demand for the product.

José Antonio Vallejo.
CEO VallejoGroup

I have been studying for many months the need for a suitable and efficient physical infrastructure to fulfill e-commerce orders, hidden kitchens, hidden supermarkets, urban warehouses, order picking centers, and have a logistics strategy for the geographical location of the same. such as knowledge of the environment to determine the type of product to offer in each of these spaces, to determine the quantity of SKUs required, since being in an urban area, the cost of land is much higher than that of distribution centers and moreover it does not allow storage at height because this operation must be extremely fast and efficient.

If we investigate, we see a lot of technology companies for last mile delivery, as well as last mile delivery companies, but one of the most important links in the supply chain for last mile logistics is the physical infrastructure, and few or none of them are aware that for the supply chain to work, all the gears have to work in sync, we are also seeing retail companies trying to use their physical infrastructure for the channel. offline online, not realizing that it may not be ideal for such an operation.

As a result of the above, I got the idea to implement an urban warehouse complex where all the Dark concepts could interact in one place, where there was a shared space, not only for the kitchens. but also for Dark Stores and collaborative logistics for all, which would reduce costs.

Hard work that required many hours of intensive reading and investigation into how each of the Dark models worked and seeing what would be the ideal physical infrastructure for each of them and seeing how to fit them into one space, since the scarcity of spaces for urban warehouses are becoming more and more difficult and expensive, today, already with the armed physical infrastructure, we have embarked on the search for alliances at the international level to put our first pilot in the city ​​of Lima in Peru, then expand them in the region since it is an evolving business model, and we chose this city not only because we already had the ideal location for the implementation of this new model of business but also because we believe that within the region, it is one of the countries with the greatest development potential of these urban warehouse complexes.

An urban warehouse complex where it allows us to unite successful models such as Jüsto (Mexico), FreshPerts (Spain), DoorDash, OrdersYa Market, Deliveroo, Uber, Walmart, Dia, Carrefour, Lidl, Muncher, Mercado Libre , Amazon, among others.

When the customer experience comes first, it is necessary to create an ideal physical infrastructure that allows us to exceed their expectations in the digital channel.


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