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How do freezer rooms work and what are they used for?


the freezing rooms are intended for goods requiring temperature below 0 ºC. Whether it is food that must maintain its quality, whether it is medical or pharmaceutical products, these speakers will meet your needs. In this note we will know in detail how they work and when they are used. Read on and find out!

Refrigeration logistics: uses and operation

The cold logistics It has its own needs and adds many challenges to the problems of traditional logistics. Of these, most are related to equipment such as freezer rooms. Its management aims to make better use of space, with careful monitoring of products. Its traceability is essential to know if the product is in good condition, but also to minimize energy expenditure.

Many times by “freezer room” we mean that we are talking about simple “refrigerators”. This is not the case with this note. We are going to approach it here from the point of view that interests us the most: that of freezer warehouses. They are based on the same principle, but multiply in scale at the level of a room or a warehouse. Then we will tell you all about these and their applications.

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What are freezer rooms?

In the freezer rooms we store goods that require a negative temperature. That is to say temperatures below 0 ºC. At this thermal level, these products tend to freeze and thus retain their qualities and qualities longer. As you can see, it’s the same principle as a fridge or freezer. This is why, as you can imagine, it is essential to food industry.

Consulting firm Allied Market Research estimates that the frozen food market reached worldwide sales of $ 291.8 million in 2019. His projection for 2027 is that this figure will increase to 404.8.

This is important because it means that the need to Refrigeration logistics will develop in the years to come. Any frozen food business (whether fruit, vegetables, vegetables, meat, fish, pastries and pastries) will need it. Only in this way will we be able to maintain these products in conditions that guarantee their quality, texture, nutrients and flavors.

All this work is due to the need to maintain a The cold chain. As you may have read, this is a key requirement in a key product today: the Covid-19 vaccine. Its handling requires, like many foods, exact temperatures of care. Otherwise, crystallization may occur, which damages the products or deteriorates their appearance.

Freezer rooms or cold rooms?

Freezing chambers they are used to maintain the good condition of a product for a long time, without risk. On the other hand, a cold storage or one refrigerator tank It is used to keep products at an optimum temperature for their consumption for a shorter period of time. Thus, these refrigerators avoid their deterioration in the short term. The former are generally used for long-term processes, the latter for products to be consumed in the medium term.

Then, moving on to the construction plan, they are also different. The rooms are built using a Sandwich panel. It is an insulating element that prevents temperature leaks to the outside. They are found on the walls, on the ceiling, but also on the ground. The cold room does not comply with this last insulation.

However, the Refrigeration equipment used by both, they are generally shared. Thus, in both cases there are compressors, condensers, expansion valves and evaporators. The choice and placement of one or the other device comes with a choice of size.

The chamber may vary depending on the cubic meters to be cooled. The choice of camerasInstead, it comes from the temperature difference needed between the inside and the outside. Or the time of permanence inside the chamber that the product requires.

The storage systems found in freezer rooms and cold rooms are generally similar. The choice in this case depends on the storage capacity, as well as the facilities offered by its spatial distribution. If we need continuous management, we must make it the most comfortable for day-to-day management.

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How to get there?

Cold rooms are often rare in common commercial establishments. For this reason, many companies seek to outsource the storage and distribution of products requiring an unbreakable cold chain. Since Trade Journal We take the commitment from day one to have solutions for all of our customers. Do you want to work with us? Ask us and we’ll get back to you!


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