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How to deal with the main headaches of last mile logistics


By: Janet Hernández Kong

Jul 05, 2021

Faced with increasing sales through digital channels, businesses face enormous challenges related to the purchasing behavior that changed during the pandemic.

In addition to the usual purchases that Chileans make in supermarkets or retail through the Internet, there are these massive purchases that they make during specific stages such as Cyber ​​Day, Black Friday or the days before early confinement. The latter, for example, can cause a collapse in some stores, affecting the purchasing process or the delivery service of products.

If years ago someone else clicked on e-commerce stores, today the story is very different. The pandemic has accelerated the digitalization of most businesses, forcing them to open their digital channels or improve their purchasing processes. This is how organizations of all sizes, with varying degrees of experience in the virtual world, had to take the plunge.

According to Nicolás Kunstmann, co-founder of Drivin -TMS SaaS which offers a route planner- “the last mile is a super important link in the chain, but it is not the only one. Last time around we had a bigger increase in e-commerce purchases ”.

In the report “Industry Report: e-commerce in Chile 2020,” by digital company BlackSip, it was stated that e-commerce revenue exceeded US $ 9,000 million in 2020. “In the past year, we had a substantial improvement over what we were used to in 2019. He has invested in technology, and it has been possible to deal with the problem of shipments, even if sometimes the companies collapse, because obviously no one is prepared for this type of request ”.

According to the Electronic Commerce Perspective presentation, from the Santiago Chamber of Commerce, 55% of those polled said they would resume face-to-face shopping, but continue to shop online after the pandemic, while 18% prefer the digital format and 17% were inclined to buy in person.

But the truth is, no matter how much progress has been made in recent times, there are still details to be improved. For the co-founder of Drivin, the problem of money refunds, and product change must be solved, as well as the improvement of service oriented until the last mile, but to a level beyond. “It’s not just that the order arrives, but that the business gives you the certainty of the day, and the time when the order will be delivered,” said the co-founder.

For these cases, it is necessary and very useful for stores to have a route planning system that allows them to generate some kind of calendar, where you can view and choose a date and time to receive the purchase. “We have a route planning system that allows companies to size these delivery capacities,” Kunstmann said.

It’s clear that e-commerce will continue to have its best moment, prompting companies to invest even more in their digital infrastructure and logistics, but they will also need to focus on the small details of the service that can make a difference to their competitors. .


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