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INDUSTRIAS SAN MIGUEL: The Peruvian company that emerged and conquered the market in difficult times


By: Jorge Choque

Jul 21, 2021

Thanks to an exclusive conversation with Logística 360, ISM shares its success story: a message of optimism.

In the 1980s, as Peru was going through a difficult period due to increasing terrorist actions and a sensitive economic crisis, a couple of enthusiastic young dreamers did not get discouraged and, with all the passion in the world, set off. decided to do business. With great ingenuity and vision for the future, they identified market opportunities where others saw problems. Ayacucho, a city that was difficult to do business with at the time, was the place to take the first step. Today, more than 33 years later, Mr. Jorge Añaños and Ms. Tania Alcázar own one of the most important beverage companies in the country and in the world, Industrias San Miguel (ISM).

The Industrias San Miguel company is a demonstration that when you have a dream and you persist in it, it can come true and nothing can stop it. This is what Jorge Añaños and Tania Alcázar did, founders of this successful Peruvian company which is present in 7 Latin American countries. They met at the National University of San Cristóbal de Huamanga; Jorge was studying agricultural engineering and Tania was studying chemical engineering. They married around 1985. Both founded the company on June 23, 1988 in Ayacucho, in a complex social and economic context. They decided to produce their own soft drink, taking advantage of the fact that she had studied chemical engineering and had classmates and teachers who could help them.

Start-up and extension

Thus, Industrias San Miguel was born with the Kola Real brand of the Añaños-Alcázar family. Kola Real soda was born with 5 flavors: cola, orange, strawberry, lemon and pineapple. They liked the product very much and they say that over time people started buying by truck, with such success that they must have sold their production a month or even two months ago. This good performance prompted them to expand and set up a factory in Andahuaylas, another in Huancayo, then one in Cajamarca, and in 1992, a factory in Huara. In 2000, they set up a factory in Arequipa.

With the constant growth in Peru, they decide to break the borders and in 2002 they set up two distribution centers in the north of Chile, in Arica and in Iquique. The year 2005 was the most difficult because, given the great acceptance of the drink, they decided to open the borders and install a modern factory in Cibao, in the region of Santiago Rodríguez, in the Dominican Republic. Today ISM is the market leader in this country, with a stake of around 45%, says Eduardo Venegas Villanueva, communications manager at Industrias San Miguel.

Eduardo Venegas Villanueva, communications manager at Industrias San Miguel.

In 2015, ISM opened a factory in the northeastern region of Brazil, in Alagoinhas, east of Bahia. From there, they start to distribute the products in this region, showing significant growth until today. Last year, they set up a factory in Haiti, with the aim of conquering this island and consolidating their operations in Central America, taking advantage of both this country and the Dominican Republic as hubs to send their products to different islands, as in the case of Puerto Riche; it even allows them to reach the United States, especially New York and New Jersey.

With operations in 7 countries, 5 factories around the world and constantly growing, ISM is a success story in the beverage industry, a company with Peruvian capital that rivals large transnational companies and even in many territories and categories. . He is the undisputed leader. It started with 10 associates and currently has 5,000 workers worldwide and a value chain of 20,000 families.

If anything characterizes Jorge and Tania, it’s effort, dedication, but the passion, vision, ingenuity and innovation that they put into everything they do. Industrias San Miguel represents those commercial successes that serve as examples in books of economics and finance.

A chain of keys

The success of Industrias San Miguel is due to the convergence of different factors. One of them was the passion that helped them move forward and achieve their dreams. Passion is the word most heard in ISM environments, and it is precisely the word that builds its slogan: “Passion for the future”, not to stagnate, to continue to improve, to grow, to innovate, to create new products. and conquer borders.

Innovation has been fundamental to the success of ISM, says Eduardo Venegas. The company began its history by innovating, because they knew how to find and take advantage of these opportunities, creating differentiated and good quality products that have conquered several countries.

The quality of ISM’s products has undoubtedly been a reason for its preference in the market. The company presents the best combination of quality and price, because since its inception, it aimed to democratize the consumption of quality soft drinks at a competitive price. Quality is also guaranteed by their various certifications and good practices. The company has just signed a Clean Production Agreement (APL) with the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Production, where it is committed to a series of initiatives in favor of sustainability and the promotion of circular economy within its operations.

Much of its success with consumers in different markets is also due to adaptability within the framework of culture. The company identifies which flavors people prefer in cities where they need to adapt. In Chile, for example, they offer Kola Real flavored with papaya, lemonade (with a different flavor from Peru) and raspberry. In the Dominican Republic, they have a flavor of Kola Real and Chinola grapes.

Another of the characteristics essential to the success of ISM is the quality of the water. The company does not open a factory in a city where the water quality is not high, to guarantee a superior product.

The challenge

The main challenge for Industrias San Miguel in Peru is to continue to consolidate. Last year they entered the Lima market and hope to continue to expand in this area. ISM’s vision is to continue to innovate, to conquer the market, to launch new products and, above all, to conquer the palates of many more Peruvians and Latin Americans.

Recently, the company has been the star of an important event in its culture, since it has verbalized its social purpose as Industrias San Miguel: “Give all our entrepreneurial spirit to nurture a prosperous future”, reveals Eduardo Venegas Villanueva.

This goal is the guide and why the ISM exists, says Venegas Villanueva; the path they follow in everything they do and which allows them to continue to grow, opening up new markets and territories. With this idea “Feeding a prosperous future”, the company plans to experiment and grow in the new food industry, always promoting a triple impact: economic, social and environmental. Even today, hard times do not stop you. They have lived through worse times and turned towards the future, with perseverance, passion and innovation, they hope to continue to conquer the market and grow with the country.


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