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key point for customer service


With him stock and inventory control We seek to quantify the number of units of a commodity. This can be stored in warehouses of the same manufacturer or in a warehouse of a logistics server. You can find finished products, other semi-finished products, or even just raw materials. Knowing the amounts can help us in our customer service. How? ‘Or’ What? In this note, we’ll tell you about it.

The keys to inventory and inventory control

Inventory and inventory control refers to activities related to the counting of available quantities of a product. With a detailed list of all goods, you will be able to do better planning to optimize your operations.

The control in question includes what we call a stock management. From there, we record the acquisition and marketing of the products. Thanks to this calculation, we can start to establish a minimum stock to offer a sustained service. How is this done? Establishing a point of order. It is a simple indication: when the stock reaches a certain point, it is necessary to ask for more from the supplier.

In this way, we can guarantee a sustained operation, both on the production side and on the final sale side. If we don’t we will live Out of stock. You will remember those we experienced at the start of the pandemic around the world. Even the giant Apple has felt the shock of hasty consumption. Stock and inventory control

Your relationship with customer service

We need to have a balance between the outgoing and incoming elements. Knowing its availability in the warehouse is the key to meeting the consumption needs of our customers. Inventory and inventory control, our lead times and each company’s processes are variables that will help us with regard to keep our product available.

In addition, in communications with our various customers, we have knowledge of stock status this is the key. Thus, we can inform you about the case in which our production, our shipments and estimate delivery times. This is a long demanded standard in the most competitive markets.

Types of controls as a function of time

Companies establish a periodicity to perform stock and inventory control. Even if we are only determined to act by the number of products, the size of the warehouse and the availability of the people in charge. Achieving some continuity in inventory control is one of the keys to any warehouse or warehouse.

Said control can be Newspaper, for example, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. This is a task that will turn off some of your staff for a while. Inventory and inventory control requires extreme concentration to minimize possible errors in all manual tasks.

Another recommended modality is the cyclical inventory. It is generally recommended for products with more rotation. Guarantees daily but rigorous information of stored goods.

Finally, there is the possibility of a stock control and permanent inventory. Have an inventory updated in real time This is the best way to count on the various stock movements, whether internal or external.

This is possible thanks to automated computer systems who ensure the follow-up of reception, permanence and dispatch. Thanks to them, we reduce costs, errors and interruptions in the operation.

Stock and inventory control

A controlled stock is a controlled operation

Simply have sustained control of the stock improves all warehouse operations. The impact is total on the rest of the activities in these infrastructures. Knowing precisely what we have and what is missing is necessary for any business that wants to be efficient.

A company that can meet the demand of its customers is a company with good image. Knowledge of stock orders concerns us with regard to replenishment, order preparation or when we wish to make changes to our operations. Inventory and inventory control also helps us to leverage warehouse resources. So you can rent storage space only for the amount of items you need.

In Trade Journal we are constantly working on our stock and inventory control. In all of our branches, we are committed to providing the best service. This is why we are one leading company in the sector for over 30 years. We can work together. Contact us here in the comments section. Our professionals will be happy to answer all your questions!


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