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Mass industrial equipment: e-commerce drives forklifts for picking


By: Oscar Hernández

06 Oct 2021

The forklift industry is starting to show sustained growth and an upward trend. According to MASA Equipos Industriales, the placement of equipment for order picking is an important trend due to the increase in e-commerce.

Despite the health crisis and political instability, MASA Equipos Industriales remains the distributor of forklifts with the largest number of units reported to Customs. The new Mitsui group company takes the reins of importing Toyota forklifts and Holland tractors for the logistics, agro-export, agricultural and industrial sectors.

The health crisis and political instability halted the projects that affected the forklift market, even though the sector maintained its size and recorded a slight growth of almost + 3% compared to 2019. This did not however, this did not prevent Toyota forklifts from maintaining their excellent market participation. through Masa Equipos Industriales SA.

During this year 2021, MASA Equipos Industriales continues to be the distributor of forklifts with the highest number of units reported to customs. According to statistics from Veritrade, the company has around 22% of the market share in all segments of forklift equipment.

This with certainty allows us to state that 1 in 5 forklifts in Peru is Toyota. This reflects our commitment to provide complete solutions for the transportation, handling and storage of goods.», Assures Luis Fernandez Barquero, sales supervisor.

Screenings and e-commerce

According to Barquero, in the middle of this year 2021, there is a steady growth and an upward trend in the forklift market, with the possibility of exceeding + 20%.

He sees this growth in the perspective of the reactivation of economic sectors such as agrifood, mass distribution, pharmacy and logistics operators. But he stresses that it is essential that a stable economic policy is put in place, which gives solidity to private investment and which encourages the execution of slow projects.

It highlights the influence that the sustained growth of e-commerce will have on the future of forklift equipment. Electronic commerce is the economic sector that has grown the most over the past year; According to the Peruvian Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CAPECE), this sector has grown by 50%.

The sustained growth of e-commerce will further increase the demand for last mile warehouses or dark stores and therefore the demand for intralogistics equipment“, This indicates.

In these dark stores, unlike large distribution centers, the trend is towards low storage and constant picking of products. “Many of our customers are following this trend and with Toyota Forklifts we are launching equipment this year 2021 in this sense“, says Barquero.

Thus, to meet the needs of this growing industry, MASA Equipos Industriales has in its range of solutions of specialized equipment to optimize the order preparation process, among which stands out the Toyota OSE250 order picker with T-Mote technology. .

In order to reduce the costs of the picking process, which represent up to 55% of warehouse costs», Says Fernandez Barquero.

He adds that T-Mote technology is a remote management solution that increases the productivity of picking processes, reduces picking times, improves ergonomics and reduces operator fatigue.

Other trends

According to Luis Fernández Barquero, the forklift market in Peru shows a notable increase in the combustion engine forklift segment, with 75% bi-fuel equipment (gasoline / LPG) and 25% diesel equipment.

This segment is very competitive and registers the entry of around 35 manufacturers’ brands; in this segment, we reaffirm Our commitment to providing the best forklifts on the market and that is why Toyota forklifts is the brand with the highest preference for what customers, reaching a market share of 23% “, he argues.

MASA Equipos Industriales’ value-added offer includes the incorporation of the most advanced technology in its equipment, which offers safety, comfort and efficiency. Stresses, for example, the forklifts of the Toyota 8 series, which have the security system called SAS, in its acronym in English (Active Stability System).

This system allows to work faster (greater movement of pallets / hour) with the equipment of the forklift truck with the due safety activated. “All the time” and restrictive functions in case of dangerous maneuvers by the operator», He specifies.

Thus, by working faster, collisions between equipment and storage infrastructure are avoided, as well as product deterioration, while preserving the physical integrity of the operator.

Likewise, MASA Equipos Industriales uses the Toyota I_Site telemetry system for the rental equipment fleet and for the fleet of its main customers. Using the Toyota I_Site telemetry system reduces costs by optimizing intralogistics operations and providing benefits such as:

  • Optimization of fleet and operator size
  • Minimization of damage and corrective maintenance costs
  • Pre-operational checklist
  • Access control and operator monitoring
  • Optimization of the use and life cycle of equipment and batteries

We are planning to release the new version of Toyota BT Reflex electric retractable stackers, this new version redesigned with an emphasis on operator ergonomics, giving you better tools to do a more efficient and safer job.», He comments.

This new Toyota BT Reflex model offers a new general style, a larger operator compartment, an improved control unit and a much more intuitive control interface and new options to meet the needs of each operation. “The new Toyota BT Reflex stackers maintain load capacities of 1.4 tons to 2.5 tons with a maximum working height of 13 meters high “, details Barquero.

Value proposition MASA Equipos Industriales is committed to providing full support to its customers, which involves specialized technical advice seeking to improve the efficiency of its logistics processes; provide high-quality and value-added equipment, as well as after-sales service to achieve high availability. “All of this is aimed at reducing your operating costs and maximizing your profits.», Underlines Luis Fernandez Barquero.

The company seeks to strengthen its value proposition to its customers by offering the market a value offer with competitive prices and high availability of stock of units, as well as a wide range of electrical equipment and combustion engines. with special options for each operation.

On the other hand, at MASA Equipos Industriales we focus on offering a wide range of maintenance agreements with service points specializing in forklift equipment in Santa Anita, Lurín, Chiclayo and Arequipa, offering to the original aftermarket and our system is accredited with the Toyota Production System, which guarantees a high level of after-sales support», He emphasizes.


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