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SLI GROUP installs a self-supporting Drive IN system for frozen products in A&D refrigerators


By: Diego Padilla

Sep 28, 2021

This storage system is part of the new cold room that Frigoríficos A&D will soon start to operate, with a capacity of 1200 tonnes. The rack was manufactured to be able to store products at minus 18 °. The project is 98% complete.

Frigoríficos A&D, a company that imports a range of approximately 18 products including offal, meat in coils and poultry, has chosen SLI Group for the implementation of a new cold room built using a drive system self-supporting, which will have a storage capacity of 1,200 tonnes, ie for the unloading of 45 containers of approximately 27 tonnes each.

This self-supporting drive system stands out for the technology of its production, as it was made with galvanized steel materials to be able to withstand low temperatures and corrosion, since the frozen products that it will house require temperatures of less 18 °.

“The products we import require a cold room. This is why we opted for a galvanized, unpainted product because it is very complicated to maintain. A galvanized product can last 15, 20 years, ”emphasizes Mauro Méndez, director of Frigoríficos A&D, a company with more than 20 years of experience in the market.


The company has experienced significant growth in recent years, limiting its own warehouse to 100 tonnes. And although they additionally receive services in the storage infrastructure, their intention is to have more capacity in their own warehouse for their current and future growth.

“We encouraged ourselves to make our own camera, to serve our customers more quickly, so as not to delay. This is a whole logistics that will favor us for the customers, since the shipments will be faster, without delays and waste of time in all respects ”, explains Mauro Méndez.

Drive IN system

The self-supporting drive-in system for this new cold room will have a capacity of 1,200 tonnes, with 1,200 stations and a total height of 11,502 mm. It can accommodate 45 containers of approximately 27 tonnes. Likewise, it will have a weight per pallet of 1200 kg, so the structure is specially made with 160 x 105 mm poles, which are not made in the local market.

Likewise, Mendez assures that the design of the SLI Group’s autonomous drive-in system will allow the optimization of operations within the warehouse, making service to its customers more efficient and with fewer staff.

“In this new project you go with the stacker by putting pallet by pallet, it’s faster. This is why we have chosen to carry out this project with SLI Group. Because of the speed and economy, because it doesn’t use a lot of staff anymore. Everything is more optimized, ”he notes.

Likewise, Méndez underlines the rapid assembly, which was carried out on time, under the careful supervision of SLI Group; as well as in general the whole process from pre-sale, product technology and consultancy level of SLI Group, a company that provides storage solutions, scale and international recognition.

“Here in Peru, they had their sales and project team. They saw our need and their response was swift. We had no inconvenience, ”he says.

The project is 98% complete, so it will go into service soon. “It is not yet operational, some details are missing in the project. We are currently operating in the 100 tonne warehouse and later we will move to the new room, ”explains Mauro Méndez.


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