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The future of airport security


By: Jorge Choque

Jul 20, 2021

The airport sector has faced a sudden change in its operations due to the pandemic generated by COVID-19.

Santiago Barranzuela.
Security manager of the EULEN Peru Group.

In the first few months, travel was suspended, resulting in a 94.4% reduction in global passenger traffic in April 2020, according to ACI World. A year later, airports still face uncertainties due to spikes in infections and the need to make urgent decisions to get back to normal faster and smoother, but with the necessary measures to ensure the good. -being of their employees and passengers.

What were the basic initiatives? The space between passengers was marked at checkpoints, using the healthy distance markings on the ground, hand sanitizing stations, acrylic partitions at interaction points and improved cleaning methods, among others. The use of face masks continues to be mandatory for staff and passengers, in addition to the use of a face shield. These actions are needed more than ever, as airports continue to increase their operations day after day.

The challenge remains to optimize the use of technology, as it is essential to control and guarantee the safety of travelers and workers. In most airports, tests have been carried out with thermal cameras which monitor the temperature; however, problems arose in finding a precise solution with few false positives. Contactless technology is the future of travel; Likewise, doors with facial biometrics for better control of arrivals and departures which allow the best flow of travelers and avoid crowds.

While technology can create big changes, it’s important to be aware that investments must lead to operational efficiency across the ecosystem: operations, safety, ground, air, airline, personnel and passengers. Although we must find a balance between people, processes / procedures and technology, to reduce the risk of contagion; Nothing like looking for specialized security allies and above all raising awareness in the community about the importance of following the established measures, which will ultimately make the difference.


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