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The importance of logistics services


In logistics, innovation is constant and affects every link in the chain. New methods and technologies not only improve working conditions. They are also used to face new challenges presented by customers or the market. What role the Control Tower in innovative logistics? In this note, we’ll tell you!


What exactly is a “control tower”? We must first consider it as a tool where unify all technologies that are managed, as well as all the data that these tools generate. Its main objective is already indicated in its name: to have under control the different elements of the logistics process.

logistics control tower

Not all control towers are the same, for the simple fact that not all operations are the same. A company that only manages a transport fleet, it only has the places of its transfers. When there are other processes, such as packaging or storage, we have more information about our monitors. The objective is Oversee all the information of the collaborative and intelligent chain received by the various links of the supply chain.

Control tower or data center

Any development, in any sector, comes from a thorough preliminary analysis. To cope with these complex processes, it is necessary to have a good data organization. Only in this way will an impact be achieved at the operational and economic level. In logistics, the center that collects the multiple information from each party is the Control Tower. From there, the logistics operator can manage all the parts using different tools.

The importance of the three-step control tower

Each step is very important for the whole process. First, in order to manage and coordinate day-to-day operations. In this case, the best way to stay competitive is to install a system that collects data from all the sources, tools and technologies you work with.

Next comes a second step. It consists of storing all this data. It must be done in a smart and orderly manner, with tools commensurate with the complex task.

At the end, the most important step comes. Now, through the creation of algorithms that analyze the data, we can get a detailed analysis of recommended improvements to our operation. This analysis, today, thanks to Big data and its great impact helps us improve our processes.

The principal objective

The objective of a control tower is to have a controlled display of all activities. The presence of all sources is necessary. Therefore, it is necessary to be clear about what is relevant, what should be displayed in the control tower.

In the most modern processes, the Artificial intelligence. It’s no secret that this technology has been part of our processes for years. What is happening today is that it is already strongly integrated into the logistics processes. For this reason, they are a key part of analyzing large amounts of data. Thus, the system itself “learns” from them and shows us the possibilities. improvements to overall operation.

logistics control tower

Think of a GPS that offers the best route when evaluating (1) traffic, based on (2) the schedule, (3) wait times at tolls and level crossings, as well as (4 ) the distance. Now imagine if this GPS could help you find the best way for your business, with the data you provide. This is how this artificial intelligence works, which will help the control towers.


Thanks to the tower, companies gain visibility on time (in real time) of the activity. This is essential to be able to make quick decisions, but with solidity, in an increasingly dynamic world.

Since Trade Journal we are constantly working on our control tower. Only in this way can we achieve a dynamic and fluid pace of work that satisfies the whole process. Thanks to this, we are positioning ourselves as a leading company in the sector for over 30 years. Do you want to work with us? We are here to help you.


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