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The key to e-commerce: last mile logistics


By: Logistics 360 Copywriting

03 Sep 2021

By: Alfredo Salgado, Managing Director of Grupo EULEN Peru.

The boom in e-commerce has made last mile logistics a key industry, as its best or poor management will influence customer reviews of the business. This is why one of the challenges of the logistics industry is to achieve the highest efficiency in all processes at the lowest possible cost.

The problem is that such an accelerated increase in e-commerce has made it difficult to manage the last mile, which focuses on the last trip to be made in the final delivery of a product; being the type of package and the characteristics of each delivery the main difficulties they have to face. Whereas, with regard to the conditions of each delivery, the presence of the recipient at the address provided is the aspect that generates the most difficulties for last mile logistics.

So what last mile strategies can businesses implement to provide efficient delivery service?

  • Use mobile and cloud technologies.
  • Optimization of fleet management and route planning.
  • Product follow-up until final delivery.
  • Accountability of customers on the follow-up of their orders.
  • Business intelligence on logistics processes.
  • Measurement and continuous improvement of the customer experience.

How will these strategies help businesses? If we refer to last mile management focused on B2B, they will improve the supply coverage of the elements necessary for a production process; while in those oriented towards B2C, they will guarantee direct delivery to the customer at the established point (address or delivery point).

To conclude, it should be pointed out that many companies in the industry are evaluating new alternatives to traditional deliveries such as agreed deliveries, collection or convenience points, as well as the use of drones to make certain deliveries, as part of their last mile logistics services. to make your processes more efficient and effective.


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