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What are the automatic palletizing solutions?


Solutions automatic palletizing they have important advantages for warehousing processes. Times are speeding up, and as we always know: that also means cost savings. In this note we will tell you everything about this robotization that is happening.

What is automatic palletizing?

In traditional storage, we have worked with pallets. You may have seen it, now a lot of people make furniture with them. They are simple wooden structures, which can support a large number of crates on top. In addition, these structures have a space so that they can be manipulated with a forklift. In this way, we can organize the whole warehouse on different levels without the need for physical effort.

automatic palletizing

the automatic palletizing has just been the future of this process. It is a robotic mechanism that will revolutionize the sector. Thanks to it, we will be able to ensure better safety for the operators as well as for the goods, and we will have many more advantages. In the next section, we’ll tell you about it.

What are the advantages of an automatic palletizing system?

Better working conditions and safety for operators

With a robotic palletizer, there is a mechanism that repeat continuous movements. These can be very tiring for a human, just like carrying very heavy loads. The new mechanisms will then allow us avoid work interruptions due to the difficult physical exercise performed.

Yes indeed, you also avoid problems associated with fatigue, distraction, injury and the effects of tedious repetitive movements. In addition, some of these robots have the ability to detect if someone has entered the warehouse. So they can slow down the operation so as not to bother a person.

Increase in production flexibility

With automatic palletizing, control interfaces are incorporated to organize palletising models. This results in a great flexibility when modifying, adding and adjusting the palletizing model as needed. In addition, we can program certain actions, which will allow us focus on other things, without worrying about the work of the machines.

Some specific robots can also override the operation of the pallets. We then find the possibility of manipulate boxes individually, of different sizes.

Maximization of production speed

The repetition of the movement at constant speed and without errors allows a perfect assembly of pallets in record time. There are even tweezers capable of picking up multiple objects at the same time, which further minimizes backup and distribution speed.

Some robotic palletizers can reach a speed of 30 bags or 60 boxes per minute. And of course, depending on the space available, they can be added complementary robots. In this way, higher speeds are achieved.

automatic palletizing

This will bring reduced cost of working hours and increased productivity. Although this is a substantial investment, then we will be able to recover it and overcome it quickly.

Reduction of accidents

With reliable robots, accidents are practically zero. A programmed operation, which knows how to stop when it perceives a risk, is a 100% safe operation. There will not be breakage of cardboard products, or accidents for operators. Thanks to robots, we can reduce the problems related to fatigue, distraction and redundancy which often lead to quality problems in the logistics department.

Reduce spaces

Automatic palletizing requires less space to perform a full operation than traditional methods. In addition, since they can be programmed to operate in confined spaces, it is possible to save valuable space for other areas. An example is the way in which the North American giant Amazon manages it, which marks the footsteps of the sector with its robots.

Lower running cost

These systems can operate day and night and require little or no lighting. I know reduce energy costs by switching off unnecessary lighting. They also operate at temperatures between + 4 ° C and + 50 ° C, which reduces heating and cooling costs. In addition, one person supervision is required for several machines running at the same time.

Automatic palletizing to provide the best service

the automatic palletizing this is clearly a leap into the future when it comes to storage. Since Trade Journal We work every day to provide better service to our customers. We know that modernization is the key to keeping up with High quality of our customers and be a leading company in the region. Do you want to know more? You can contact our advisers.


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