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What is green logistics and how important is it for society?


Environmental protection is the main objective of the green logistics. With its application, in the medium and long term, we will have improved quality of life for all of society. In addition to this, green logistics brings benefits for companies that apply it. Let’s meet her with this word!

What is green logistics?

The definition of green logistics It is very simple. What he seeks is to take advantage of all resources and reduce waste, with a view to protecting the environment. For this, all the elements of the supply chain are redesigned, even the most important points of logistics.

Its principle is to empower industries for each part of your products, both for what was used to make it and to transport it. They thus include: packaging, raw materials, fuel used for delivery and transportation and even the use of resources such as water and electricity. So reduce pollution, generating better living conditions with:

  1. More hygienic spaces and less prone to infections,
  2. Landscapes preserved in all their splendor,
  3. Savings on packaging costs and others,
  4. State benefits for green businesses.

How is it different from reverse logistics?

If you think green logistics is the same reverse logistics, it is a bad concept. The two are different processes although they have the same basis and are complementary. The difference is that one is a process including the other. To carry out a reverse logistics action, you have to have a thought aligned with the principles and practices of green logistics.

There will be no point in collecting products or packaging through reverse logistics if, upon their return to the company, they will have nowhere to be cleaned, stored, processed or recycled. In conclusion, the green and reverse logistics they are complementary processes.

Put into practice

Now that you know the advantages of green logistics, let’s see how to put it into practice in a few simple steps.

Use IT to reduce expenses and waste

Information technology (IT) can be a great ally. With the help of software packages can be monitored for guarantee maximum use. Also, it can be used for measure the waste rate and send them for recycling or disposal. In addition, transport routes can be optimized and the rate of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere can be reduced.

Decrease the use of natural resources

There are places and situations where we can replace the use of natural resources. This is the key: there are ways to, for example, do not use as much water for washing. In these cases there is the possibility of reused water. Thus, the financial impact is reduced while saving on this increasingly complex resource.

Another great opportunity is renewable energies. Thus, with our transport we will be able to pollute less each time a shipment must be made. Or for warehouse operations, we can save on old and polluting energies thanks to the solar energy.

Green logistics

Reduce waste and increase productivity

Maximization of goals and returns is necessary, but must be done durably. One way to do this is to offer incentives to all employees. One option is to do rewards and promotions for areas or ideas that generate less waste, so you can save resources, while increasing your productivity.

Invest in quality packaging

To prevent packaging from having a significant impact on the environment, choose 100% recyclable or biodegradable materials. Papers that can be planted or those that have seeds in addition to helping the planet, too generate customer recognition.

The challenges of applying green logistics

As with all new standards, there are challenges on the way to green logistics. The organization of this paradigm shift may encounter resistance in certain sectors or even among employees who they don’t want to change their traditional way of working.

Green logistics

The device and equipment costs new, while the green packaging, can represent an important financial step for the company. This is why, from our sector, we have to be well prepared and involved in the process from the start. If we can stabilize the processes, train our employees and remove all obstacles, we have clear path to the future respectful of nature.

A green future

Green logistics is the future of protecting the environment and our planet. Since Trade Journal we are aware of improving daily practices and work to provide quality and responsible service. Do you want to join us towards a better future? Contact our advisors!


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