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What is green logistics? Benefits for your business


By: Logistics 360 Copywriting

Jul 30, 2021

In this article we will show you what is green logistics, what are its objectives, the benefits it brings to your business and some ideas for implementing it in your business. Developing sustainable and environmentally friendly techniques will give you many competitive and economic advantages and, of course, you will be working in a way that is less harmful to the environment. Would you like to know them? Here we are!

What is green logistics?

Green logistics is the process by which all logistics and transport techniques implemented by a company are developed around respect, protection of the environment and the efficient use of available resources. These types of initiatives are closely linked to corporate social responsibility, based on the importance they place on ecology and sustainable development.

What is the goal of implementing green logistics strategies in your business? Obtain a balance between economic and ecological efficiency, recycling and optimization of resources so that the work system aims reduce the negative impact of polluting emissions and waste in the environment, reduce trafficespecially in big cities and work more efficiently.

What benefits does this bring to your business?

In addition to ecological ones, economic benefits that you can get are many. And it is that making more efficient use of resources will save you a lot of unnecessary expenses.

On the other hand, it will be a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors, because green logistics is an increasingly recognized practice and which many customers value as a competitive advantage. If you want to increase your information about the benefits of green logistics for a business, you can check out this ESIC article.

In short, making your business have a more sustainable strategy will make your environment good, too.

How to implement a green logistics policy?

Taking into account the following elements:

  • Transport: In Europe, there are still many countries that emit excess carbon dioxide, mainly via vehicles. At this point, it is important to look for alternatives, such as electric vehicles or hybrid trucks and always look for the most optimized routes, to avoid exceeding the limit of pollutant emissions.
  • Distribution: it is important when distributing to take into account the traffic in the city. To relieve congestion, it is better that you do the distribution at times when there is less traffic or by alternative routes. This way, you will attend faster and, therefore, more efficiently.
  • Storage: if you have a good infrastructure that allows you to store, move and load the goods with ease, in addition to saving time in transport, you will pollute less. Another type of measure you can take in the storage area to reduce electrical energy is to use natural light for the maximum number of hours possible. Likewise, using solar panels and other renewable energy solutions will save your business money and be more environmentally friendly.
  • Recycling: The whole logistics process generates a large amount of waste, whether it is due to packaging materials, paperwork, etc. Thus, using recyclable, reused or biodegradable materials will be relevant to minimize the environmental impact and reduce the costs of your business. Beyond reuse, it is also about reducing the amount of waste.

Source: Euroforum


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