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What is the use of outbound logistics and how to take advantage of them?


The Logistics going out supports the most important process: bringing a finished product from its factory or warehouse to the end customer. But it’s not as easy as a truck trip. It is a complex of different tasks such as storage, order picking and final transport. In this note we will tell you all the benefits of this logistics service outsourcing.

Logistics going out: after entering

Companies dedicated to the storage and distribution of products tend to think of their operation in two parts. We meet him first entering: the entry process, also called supply logistics. It is the first link in the supply chain. It begins when the purchasing department sends the purchase order to the supplier. Its end comes when the merchandise is available in our warehouse inventory, ready to go.

external logistics

From here take the job Logistics going out. Its processes are all those related to tasks that take place “outside” (hence the English “out” in the word) of the warehouse. Basically then: entering enters, going out comes out. Let’s take a closer look at its phases and how we can leverage its implementation to meet industry standards.

Logistics phases going out

The warehouse is the center from which all logistics emerge outgoing. This is the real fundamental knot to be able to operate successfully in this type of initiative. We must start from a planning in the ordering, design and distribution of warehouses or warehouse spaces. These should be product release oriented.

It may seem obvious, but many warehouses are primarily prepared to receive and store goods. Those who focus on logistics going out they have to take that other question into account. Thus, for example, a management is installed which monitors the quantity of Stock, taking into account outgoing packets and the rest.

In fact, in this sense, proper inventory management has become of vital importance during COVID. Even at the end of last year, we continue to find news of stockouts worrying businesses and consumers alike.

external logistics

Prepare orders

The preparation of orders is at the heart of this Logistics. It is a part of the supply chain that becomes more and more important over the years. This is the case that it is generally measured, in its quality and speed, in all performance indicators modern.

Ultimately, in the warehouse we have to process a large amount of data with great precision. Just a good one management and signaling among these, you can guarantee that the package arrives at its destination. For example, we must take into account, among others:

  • Required quantity,
  • Product status (of vital importance for expired products),
  • Correct product.

The digitization that e-commerce was accompanied by a demand for faster delivery times. Logistics going out it still has a lot to develop, and one could say that its evolution is permanent. To remain competitive, we must find the best way to reduce the time between order request and delivery.


We often think that the operation is already finished once the product has left our warehouse: this is not true. Many operations include more or less complex subsequent steps. In general, it is intermediate points before reaching the final recipient.

For example, the Logistics going out it usually has distribution centers. In these, several steps are carried out for the final delivery. We can find even more care process for the goods to optimize it for the last part of the transport.

In addition, the new consumer standards include specific requirements on the location of their orders. This is why they are implemented traceability systems shipments. Another standard that has been noted is that of delivery times. We must be able to plan the best route and put all our resources to meet the scheduled times. Otherwise, it will negatively affect our image.


Logistics going out it is a necessary part. Obviously his presence is not something new, it is something that has always been done. Paying attention to it, naming it is focus on your optimization and focus on finding the best way to stay competitive. Since Trade Journal we are always attentive to the many changes that this dynamic period entails, seeking the best for our customers and their consumers. This is why we pay particular attention to the evolution of e-logistics. Do you still have questions? We read you in the comments!


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